Benefits of MECOP

MECOP is a win-win-win program.”
--Jim Riggs, MECOP founder




  • Real work experience
  • Two six-month internships
  • Opportunity to experience two work environments, management styles, etc.
  • Learn early in their careers what an engineer really is and really does
  • Learn from experience what their academic and personal strengths and weaknesses are
  • Make more informed course selections
  • Have motivation or reason to apply themselves in class
  • Ability to finance all or a major part of his/her education
  • Develop the ability to understand and grasp course content upon return to the University
  • Develop maturity and confidence
  • Higher starting salaries after graduation
  • Become highly marketable after graduating
  • Input into the University’s curriculum
  • Improve industrial-faculty relations
  • Access to a pool of well-trained potential employees
  • Six-month preview of an individual without an obligation to hire
  • Address issues or projects which full-time engineers may not have the time or skill to perform
  • Inject enthusiasm and interest into the companies
  • Develop or improve company’s ability to bring on new hires
  • Bottom line: it’s a good business decision
  • Industrial sites are an extension of laboratories that are not possible to maintain at the University
  • Develop a bridge between education and industry
  • Support toward the development of programs and other issues facing education
  • Network for faculty relations and research
  • Returning interns are more motivated students