Welch Allyn

Website: http://www.welchallyn.com


Welch Allyn designs and manufactures medical devices and software solutions used for frontline care settings. What does that mean? We are the only company that focuses upon helping caregivers around the world assess, diagnose, and treat more patients, more efficiently and more effectively. At Welch Allyn we specialize in helping doctors, nurses, and other health care providers across the globe provide the best patient care by developing innovative products, breakthrough technologies, and cutting-edge solutions that help them see more patients, detect more conditions, and improve more lives. We have been a leader in the health care industry since our start in 1915; we set medical industry standards in the 1920's, we were the first to use fiber optics in medical instruments in the 1960's, and our innovation continues in the 21st century.

Some of the frontline settings where our products are most commonly found include:

  • Family Medicine
  • Pediatric Medicine
  • Inpatient Care
  • Outpatient Surgery
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Emergency Department
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • School / Public Health
  • Internal Medicine