Vigor Works LLC


Founded in 1944, Oregon Iron Works (OIW) began achieving success fabricating in the demanding hydroelectric, bridge and civil construction industries. From complex bridges to sophisticated military patrol craft, today OIW also serves a variety of industries and customers, both nationally and internationally, that include the marine, aerospace and nuclear fields.Over the years, OIW has established itself as a world-class performer in the complex metals fabrication, mechanical equipment manufacturing, and systems integration industries. This requires a continuous commitment to the evaluation and improvement of our technology and processes with the goal of maintaining the role as the leader in these industries. OIW has an exceptional history of success, and takes great pride in not only meeting, but exceeding our customers’ expectations in all areas, including performance, design, logistics, schedule, delivery, and cost. OIW has earned a worldwide reputation for quality and innovation through the successful completion of hundreds of our customers most complex and challenging projects.OIW is an extremely innovative small business that is constantly adapting and expanding its core expertise.  This has resulted in a company that can readily respond to new customer requirements and apply unique solutions across a variety of manufacturing and engineering disciplines.OIW presently owns and operates two facilities in the Pacific Northwest. The Clackamas, Oregon shop serves as corporate headquarters and is the prime location for material preparation, machining and welding. This shop sits on 17-acres and presently has 197,000 sq ft under roof with 26,000 sq ft of office space.The Vancouver, Washington shop has over 100,000 sq ft under roof with 5,000 sq ft of office space and provides barge access to the Columbia River.  Located on 20 acres, there is ample space for queuing material and barge load-out.