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GRI is a progressive geotechnical/geo-environmental consulting firm. We provides full-service design, permitting, and construction support for projects that are essentially geotechnical in nature. With this service, we offer our clients a single source to quickly and cost-effectively evaluate, design, permit, and manage construction of a wide range of soil-, rock-, and groundwater-related projects.

Our services include:

-Soil and Rock Mechanics
-Foundation Engineering
-Engineering Geology
-In Situ Testing/Instrumentation
-Seismic Hazard and Resiliency Studies
-Landslide Evaluation/Remediation
-GIS Interpretation and Mapping
-Pile Driving Analysis (PDA)
-Trenchless Technology
-Construction Engineering
-Hazmat Management
- Pavement Evaluation
- Pavement Design
- Pavement Management


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