Construction Engineering Management (CEM)

Construction Engineering Managers build the broad range of commercial, residential and infrastructure projects that support our society. The specialties include bridges, roads, dams, and utility systems; manufacturing and industrial facilities; residential homes, apartments, and condominium projects; and commercial buildings. CEM graduates are responsible for taking the completed design and procuring labor, material, equipment, and financial resources, and executing the construction of the project.

CEM Interns get hands-on experience in the public, private and consulting worlds. They will develop multiple skills which can range from estimating, scheduling, procurement and project engineering, to real world construction and project management. Interns develop writing and speaking skills to deal with the public and peers. The CEM intern will begin to meld the theoretical and technical skills from school with practical real world conditions and issues.

Internship History

Active Company Participants

The following participating companies have taken CEM students in the recent past (within the last 5 years) along with the last year that they hosted interns in this discipline:

Participating Universities

MECOP currently accepts Construction Engineering Management students from the following universities:

Academic Advisors

Course Information

Internship Project Samples

  • Site Preparation/Infrastructure Development
  • Multi-Use Commercial/Residential High-Rises
  • Highways and Bridges
  • Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Facilities
  • Residential Homes
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Demolition
  • Historic Renovation
  • Green Building/LEEDS Certified Project

Key Course Highlights

  • Structures
  • Surveying
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Highway and Transportation
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Bidding & Marketing
  • Procurement
  • Mechanical and Electrical Construction