Our Staff

Gary Petersen

Executive Director | Staff member for 38 years

M.S. Industrial Education, Oregon State University

Gary as been a part of MECOP since 1981, shortly after the program took it's first batch of interns in 1980. He has been a driving force for the continued expansion and refinement of the program providing a consistent presence for the Board of Directors, whose membership changes annually. Today, Gary works as the spokesperson for the program, working to bring new companies on board to the program and helping facilitate cooperation and provide guidance to MECOP's ever growing pool of students, companies and universities.

Sarah Franklin

Communications Coordinator | Staff member for 6 years

A.S. General Studies, Linn-Benton Community College

Sarah joined us in 2012 as the office's Administrative Assistant. As time progressed her roles have expanded and her title officially changed to Communications Coordinator in 2017. Her roles include the development of promotional materials as well as managing all program related correspondence and assisting our Event Coordinator with events.

Daniel Ryan

IT Specialist | Staff member for 7 years

B.S. Business Information Systems, Oregon State University

Dan joined us as a MECOP Information Systems intern in spring of 2012, to help the office with the technological aspects of transitioning from a department at Oregon State to an independently run non-profit. After graduating Oregon State, Dan was re-hired as the program's IT Specialist. He is currently responsible for website development, data administration and instructs the Student Seminar at Oregon State, held Fall Term each year for new students joining the program.

Dustin Scott

Operations Manager | Staff member for 5 years

B.S. Accounting, Oregon State University

Dustin joined the office in 2014 as a MECOP Accounting intern to address the growing need for a dedicated staff member to manage the program's financial structure. At the conclusion of his internship, Dustin graduated Oregon State and was brought on board as the program's Staff Accountant. Dustin's roles have expanded since then and he now serves as the program's Operations Manager, handling HR and accounting related items in the office as well as assisting the Executive Director with program related meetings.