MECOP Connect

MECOP Connect (previously known as the MECOP Alumni Association) provides a conduit to keep thousands of interns, mentors, and supporters of MECOP connected to the program through a perpetual series of events for everyone involved. Consistent with MECOP's Mission to "enhance and expand an industry driven engineering cooperative program", MECOP Connect provides a venue to celebrate and collaborate outside of the structured process events. We are a growing community of dedicated professionals and together we are promoting professional knowledge and growth, the commitment to ethics, and the advancement and betterment of human welfare.


  • Multiple in person networking opportunities every year
  • (coming soon) Interact with members in person and online via events and online discussion forums
  • Collaborate on fresh ideas to improve MECOP
  • Build new connections from a common foundation
  • View resumes posted by active members
  • Post your resume for other members to review
  • Post and view employment opportunities for MECOP Connect Members
  • Access to a Newsletter
  • Provide input and collaborate on new events


MECOP Connect will be hosting several events a year starting during fall of our flagship year, 2018. Specific events will be posted in our events calendar available to members / students that have graduated the program, regardless of whether they are up-to-date with their membership. Event attendance will require additional fees at the door for non-dues paying members to assist with event costs.


Anyone wishing to join MECOP Connect must meet the following qualifications:

Student Alumni:

  • Student must have graduated the program in good standing.

Friends of MECOP:

  • Applicant must currently or previously been a participating member of a MECOP/CECOP member company / university. This includes but is not necessarily limited to:
    • University Advisors and Representatives
    • University Deans
    • Company Mentors
    • Company Program Representatives
    • Company Executive Sponsors

Membership Dues

Free For All Qualified Members: At this time, MECOP Connect membership is free to all qualified members. All applicants applying during our flagship period will have their membership fees waived until dues take effect. In the future (TBD), a dues structure will be put in place to cover the annual costs of operation.

Expected Future Dues Structure

To pay for our events and other membership related benefits, all participating members will eventually be required to pay an annual membership fee to maintain access to MECOP Connect's services. Dues paid will reflect the membership year in which they are paid. Each membership year will begin on July 1st (start of Connect's fiscal year).

An active membership will be required to access most of the online features of MECOP Connect, including online chat forums and Job / Resume posting.

Dues will be waived for the first membership year under the following circumstances:

  • Students finishing their last internship year (Graduating Seniors) will be granted their first membership year for free.

Ending Your Membership

Any members wishing to end their membership only need to forgo paying their dues for the next membership year. Membership will end automatically at the start of the next membership period (annually on July 1st) for any members that have not paid with no penalty.

How to Apply

Option 1: Apply with an Existing Account (recommended)

Click the link below. If you are not logged in you will be prompted to do so. Upon login, the system will check to see if you qualify for an account. The system will assess your qualification based on the criteria listed earlier. Upon verification your account will be authorized for membership.

Apply using Existing Account

Option 2: Fill out an Application Form

To qualify for an account, please fill out the application / recovery form by clicking on the button below. All requests will be reviewed by one of our staff members. Candidates will be considered based on the following qualifications:

Student Alumni:

Friends of MECOP:

  • Applicant must meet the Friends of MECOP qualifications listed earlier.
  • Applicant's provided information can be matched to an existing record for a company representative / mentor or university member.
    • Validation, primarily users without existing records, may require additional verification with the company / university the applicant has specified as well as the Student Support Committee.
  • In cases of companies that have not participated for more than 10 years, additional verification may be required through review by the Student Support Committee.
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