Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program

Unique among cooperative programs, the Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program and the Civil Engineering Cooperative Program (MECOP and CECOP), currently used by multiple Oregon universities, demonstrates the power of an effective business/education partnership. The source of strength for these programs is the imaginative ideas they are founded upon: support by a voluntary annual assessment on member companies; insisting upon a high order of industry interaction with the university and its students; and continual improvement as the University adjusts its curriculum on recommendations made by the industry partners.

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Program Highlights

The multiple Engineering Cooperative Program is a program available to students in disciplines related to the engineering industry.

We provide the best of both worlds—the University for the technical/theoretical background, and selected industries for the practical, state-of-the-art applications. Our goal is to supply the Northwest with the best engineers with the necessary tools to be true contributors in their chosen fields.

History & Data

Conceived in the summer of 1978, MECOP was to be a collaboration between OSU and Oregon-based manufacturing companies that hired engineering graduates.

Faced with a growing gap between the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the work place and those being taught in universities...




We all have different needs, and the students have different talents. In the placement process, we try to match these talents to fit the companies. And most companies get exactly what they are looking for, because MECOP has the diversity to meet the needs of all the companies.
John Vandecoevering, Mounting System Leader, Warn Industries

Participating Universities

MECOP is a unique internship alliance driven collaboratively by Oregon’s Engineering Universities (OSU, OT, PSU and UP), their respective student bodies, and Industry Partners.

OSU LogoOregon State University
OT LogoOregon Tech
PSU LogoPortland State University
University of Portland


Participating Companies

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