Unique among cooperative programs, the Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program and the Civil Engineering Cooperative Program (MECOP and CECOP), currently used by multiple Oregon universities, demonstrates the power of an effective business/education partnership. The source of strength for these programs is the imaginative ideas they are founded upon: support by a voluntary annual assessment on member companies; insisting upon a high order of industry interaction with the university and its students; and continual improvement as the university adjusts its curriculum on recommendations made by the industry partners.

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Students are selected into the program through two screening processes. First, they are screened academically after their sophomore year. This is primarily an effort to insure that students are academically qualified to take upper-division courses. A second screening takes place through an interview process during which all members of the Advisory Board interview the students applying for the program. The goal of this screening is to make every effort to insure that the students are qualified and ready for future internship placement.

  • Real work experience
  • Two paid six-month internships
  • Opportunity to experience two work environments, management styles etc.
  • Exposure and connections to over 125 of the Northwest's best companies and their working engineers
  • Gain "insider" career choice knowledge
  • Make more informed course selections
  • Learn academic and personal strengths and weaknesses from experience
  • Finance all or a major portion of your education
  • Develop the ability to understand and grasp course content upon return to the university
  • Develop maturity, confidence, enthusiasm and a higher starting salary
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MECOP (est. 1978) functions as a collaboration between 4 Oregon universities and Oregon-based manufacturing companies that hire engineering graduates. Its purpose: to provide the highest level of engineering graduate, and bridge academic theory with industrial reality.

  • Input into the university’s curriculum
  • Improve industry-faculty relations
  • Access to a pool of well-trained, potential employees
  • Six-month preview of an individual without an obligation to hire
  • Address issues or projects which full-time engineers may not have the time or skill to perform
  • Inject enthusiasm and interest into the companies
  • Develop or improve company’s ability to bring on new hires
  • Bottom line: it’s a good business decision
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Get more focused and motivated students!

MECOP is a unique internship alliance driven collaboratively by Oregon’s Engineering Universities (OSU, OT, PSU and UP), their respective student bodies, and Industry Partners.

  • Industrial sites are an extension of laboratories that are not possible to maintain at the university
  • Develop a bridge between the classroom and industry
  • Support toward the development of programs and other issues facing education
  • Network for faculty relations and research
  • Returning interns are more motivated students
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We all have different needs, and the students have different talents. In the placement process, we try to match these talents to fit the companies. And most companies get exactly what they are looking for, because MECOP has the diversity to meet the needs of all the companies.
John Vandecoevering, Mounting System Leader, Warn Industries
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Greg Elden

Oregon stands at a crossroads. Crushing unemployment lingers. The state faces multiple financial crises. Funding higher education continues to be a major challenge. And it’s all within a tax structure that many manufacturing concerns consider tough on business, if not flat-out anti-business. Even in that milieu, Oregon’s manufacturing industry is not only fighting for its life, it’s digging in and working to expand sales and yes, jobs.

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Participating Universities

Oregon State University Oregon Institute of Technology Portland State University University of Portland


Conceived in the summer of 1978, MECOP was to be a collaboration between OSU and Oregon-based manufacturing companies that hired engineering graduates.

Faced with a growing gap between the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the work place and those being taught in universities, three major Oregon companies—Freightliner, Tektronix, and Bingham-Willamette (now Sulzer-Bingham)—entered into an agreement with OSU’s Department of Industrial Engineering to start the Manufacturing Engineering Cooperative Program. According to Mike Smith, a former Freightliner engineering manager and one of MECOP's founders, “the first MECOP companies recognized that universities had some limitations. We were willing to help OSU overcome those limitations and, at the same time, help ourselves. We needed young engineers who would graduate with more hands-on education than they were getting.” By combining forces, the new program would provide students with a working laboratory in which to apply the theories they learn in their classrooms.


Participating Companies

8 of over 130 companies which are MECOP members. View all companies.

Datalogic ADC Air-Weigh Mentor Graphics Concept Systems
Daimler Trucks N.A. Brown and Caldwell Genentech Planar Systems
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