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Building lasting relationships 2018-06-06
Rachel Robertson

Read about Garmin's ongoing relationship with Oregon State University, taking on interns and hiring university alumni.

Hungry for Engineering Talent? MECOP Feeds the Talent Pool 2018-05-22
Jessica Gomez, CEO

When you have a microfabrication company, the equipment and materials that you can dedicate to customer projects is important, but it is the depth of your engineering talent that is critical. That puts recruitment at the top of our priority list, and it is why Rogue Valley Microdevices has participated in MECOP, an engineering-specific internship program founded on close industry-university collaboration...

Let knowledge serve new engineers 2018-03-30

Pegah Alavi wasn't sure at first if she should delay her graduation from Portland State University by a year to make time for two paid, six-month internships. 

But she's really glad she did, because the internships led to a job in transportation engineering with David Evans and Associates as soon as she graduated in June 2017.

Real-World Experience, Real-World Pay 2018-03-08
Katelyn Barry, Student Writer - Umpqua Community College

ROSEBURG, Oregon – On Friday, March 2, Umpqua Community College (UCC) students were offered a front-row seat to learn about opportunities to earn money while going to college. Nearly 30 students took advantage of the opportunity by participating in a lunch-and-learn session to hear all about MECOP, which is short for Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program.

Meet the MECOPs - The Impact of Interns at SFE 2017-07-01
Jay Schmidt, VP/GM - Silicon Forest Electronics

Silicon Forest Electronics has participated in MECOP for several years and this year we have three Engineering interns working over a six month period in process engineering. All three of our 2017 interns are from Oregon State University. Let's meet the MECOPs!


Concept Systems receives MECOP 10-year Sponsor Award 2015-07-04
Ed Diehl, President - Concept Systems Inc.

In Oregon, the Multiple-Engineering Cooperative offers students real-life experiences in an engineering environment before graduation. At the recent 38th Annual MECOP banquet, Concept Systems accepted the 10-year Sponsor Award.

Please don't feed the interns! 2015-05-01
Kevin Syverson, CTO - Silicon Forest Electronics

The Spring season at Silicon Forest Electronics is always exciting as we welcome the arrival of our next batch of MECOP engineering interns. This year we are pleased to have two very energetic engineering students, Seth Taylor (Senior) and Clive Massee (Junior) from the Oregon State University Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering program. We are excited to have Seth and Clive with us for the next 6-months and look forward to the high quality work that we have come to expect from engineering students in the MECOP program.


MECOP Inc. is Positioned for a Bright Future as Internship Program Grows 2014-04-28
Gary Petersen, Executive Director - MECOP Inc.

MECOP Inc. is proud to announce that it has been awarded their 501(c)(3) non?profit status from the United States Internal Revenue Service. “This accomplishment is a very important corner stone of the foundation of MECOP as this status recognizes MECOP as a legal non?profit entity and opens the door to building the future of the organization” said John Vandecoevering, one of the founding Directors of MECOP and active Finance Committee member.

AOI Business Viewpoint 2011-01-03
Greg Elden

Oregon stands at a crossroads. Crushing unemployment lingers. The state faces multiple financial crises. Funding higher education continues to be a major challenge. And it’s all within a tax structure that many manufacturing concerns consider tough on business, if not flat-out anti-business. Even in that milieu, Oregon’s manufacturing industry is not only fighting for its life, it’s digging in and working to expand sales and yes, jobs.

Internships Demonstrate Value of Business/Education Partnership 2010-06-17
Eugene City Council, Newsletter

Oregon's Civil Engineering Cooperative Program (CECOP) demonstrates the value of an effective business/education partnership. This program pairs students from Oregon State University (OSU), Portland State University (PSU)and Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) with local agencies and companies, providing internships and real-world experience for the students, engineering resources for local agencies, program depth for universities and better-trained graduates for the engineering profession. This year, the Public Works Department is continuing its longstanding relationship with CECOP by bringing in three CECOP interns.

CECOP Interns complete internships 2009-12-01
City of Eugene, Public Works Monthly Summary

Sara Shaddock and Josh Christiansen were Civil Engineering Co-Op Program (CECOP) Interns from Oregon State University for the summer and fall quarters of 2009. Their internships are now complete – Sara worked on the Engineering Darwin Project Team and Josh split his time working for the Darwin Team, Engineering East Project Team and Maintenance Traffic Operations. Both worked on a variety of tasks including design work in AutoCAD, field inspection, and other technical tasks as assigned. In order to wrap up the internships, each gave a presentation about the work they did and what they learned to a group of people including Project Team staff City Engineer Mark Schoening and Traffic Engineer Tom Larsen.

City enjoys services of eight good interns 2009-08-07
Cliff Newell, The Lake Oswego Review

It is a good summer for the interns at the City of Lake Oswego. That means better service for the citizens of Lake Oswego.The city staff is now bolstered by a record eight interns, and they are having an impact in much more important ways than making trips to the copying machine or making coffee.“The interns help us tremendously,” said Megan Phelan, director of human resources for the city of Lake Oswego. “They help projects get done that have been inadvertently neglected.” These interns are not only young, bright and promising, in some cases they are very well qualified, with past experience in area planning and engineering departments.

City Recognized for Commitment to Training Engineering Students 2009-04-22
Eric Jones, Eugene City Council Newsletter

About 12 years ago, civil engineers in the Willamette Valley got together and worked with Oregon State University to expand a multidisciplinary internship program to include a strong civil engineering component. Civil engineers, particularly those in public agencies, typically have a different role than their counterparts in the mechanical, industrial, electrical and computer engineering fields. That initial effort led to the formation of CECOP, the civil engineering branch of MECOP (Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program). A board of volunteers, one from each company, oversees the program, the selection process and employment evaluation. The program started at OSU but now includes OIT and PSU engineering colleges.

Oregon Engineering Engine 2008-12-01
Lee Sherman, OSU Quarterly Report

If you looked in on Mike Sabo at Cascade Microtech's corporate headquarters in the Silicon Forest last summer, you couldn't have distinguished him from the firm's 20 full-fledged engineers. Just like them, he spent his days designing and testing precision equipment for many of the world's biggest microchip manufacturers. Only one small clue gave away his status as a student intern: the tower of textbooks teetering over his workstation.

Firms get engineers, students get experience in intern 'draft' 2008-01-30
Alison Ryan, Daily Journal of Commerce

Next month in Corvallis, Oregon’s top engineering students will go through what few outside the pro sports arena ever experience – a daylong series of interviews that ends with engineering companies drawing numbers for a shot at hiring their top picks for internships.

Secure Oregon's Premier Engineering Talent through MECOP Internships 2007-10-27
Alexander Cope, MECOP & Intel

Intel continues to be a cornerstone of MECOP's engineering successes by annually employing up to 50 interns with the majority of Intel’s internship disciplines being electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering.

People Behind the Water 2007-09-27
Dane Andersen, City of Portland Water Bureau

I’m an intern in the Engineering Construction department. I’ve been here since April of this year and will be heading back to Oregon State University at the end of this week.

MECOP: It's a Win-Win-Win 2007-08-01
Freightliner IT DriveLine/August, 2007

This month's IT DriveLine focuses on the success of Freightliner's involvement in the MECOP internship program and on the ever-increasing efficiencies of the IT Data Center. It also introduces the Miscellaneous Invoicing program and brings us up to date on how the Help Desk's successes in meeting with its customer service goals.

Civil Student has CECOP Success Story 2007-06-01
Randall Hoyt, OSU "Momentum"

Randall Hoyt, who graduated with a degree in civil engineering, was snapped up by a Wisconsin engineering firm before the interview process was even over. Hoyt says the reason he beat out all the competition is the experience he gained during his CECOP internship and his experience at OSU. Here is his story, in his own words.

More Oregon grads find work 2007-01-31
Bill Graves, The Oregonian

97 percent of the Class of 2005 are satisfied with their skills, jobs and pay, but the costs come in higher tuition that leaves a heavier debt load

Brandon Koida at GE Security Industrial: A MECOP Intern Success Story 2006-04-01
David Adams, Manufacturing Engineer, GE

To start off we had selected Brandon differently than the normal process of Intern selection. Our company had just gone through some extensive reorganization and we had to change our Intern requirements at the last minute...

MECOP to Receive OIT Partnership Awards 2005-06-07

The Klamath Community Development Corporation (KCDC) and the Multiple Engineering Cooperate Program (MECOP) will receive Oregon Institute of Technology’s two 2005 Community Partnership Awards.

Tech Companies Unite to Lure College Intern 2004-09-04
Aliza Earnshaw, Business Journal

The benefits of a well-designed internship program may seem obvious: Students get industry experience, and companies get extra labor at reduced rates.

One to One: As student explore opportunites, mentors provide personal support 2004-09-01
Gary Dulude, TERRA

Most students come to college as works in progress, their interests only partially identified, their potential still to be realized. And as they explore and develop that potential, many students find something equally important: a mentor. OSU offers an “opportunity-rich environment” for mentoring; at the same time, it’s an informal and organic process, says Larry Roper, vice provost for student affairs.

MECOP Offers New Opportunities to CEM Students and Construction Companies 2004-08-01
Ken Roley, Facilities Engineer, City of Salem Public Works Department

As many of you may know, Oregon State University has run a well-organized summer internship job program for their Construction Engineering Management (CEM) students for a number of years. While the CEM intern program is still thriving at OSU, CEM students will soon have an additional opportunity to get real world work experience and help fund their education when the Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program (MECOP) at OSU creates a pilot project for CEM students in 2005.

Race Cars, Dream Jobs, and Hands-on Internships 2004-04-01
Oregon State University College of Engineering 2004 Annual Report

Mechanical Engineering students Darren Johnson and David Elia pose with one of the cars they helped design and race to first- and third-place overall finishes at the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Mini-Baja West Competition in Portland, Oregon. Johnson, who graduated in June 2004, and Elia, a senior, say their paid internships working in industry will have a profound impact on their careers.

CECOP Connects Students to Engineering Firms 2004-03-01
Ken Roley, Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association Newsletter

Engineering students have an opportunity to gain valuable experience in industry and take part in paid internships. The Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program is a five-year undergraduate program financed by industry. The program is training and development experience featuring internships with two different companies.

Oregon Civil Engineer: CECOP offers Opportunities to OSU Students 2004-03-01
Ken Roley, Oregon Civil Engineer Newsletter

If you are like most engineers you still remember the fear, excitement, trepidation, and panic of your first real engineering job. But think what an advantage it would have been, if you had gotten your first experience as part of you college curriculum. As a result of a cooperative work experience program, that is just what is happening for a select group of civil engineering students at Oregon State University (OSU).

Industry-Education Partnership: builds Oregon's engineering talent pool 2003-09-01
Kirk Richardson, AOI Business Viewpoint

Twenty five years ago, engineers from heavy truck builder Freightliner, electronics giant Tektronix, and pump manufacturer Bingham-Willamette (now Sulzer-Bingham), noticed a troubling trend. The three Oregon-based companies identified a growing gap between the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the work place and those being taught at the state’s universities.

OSU Internship Program Thriving Despite Economic Downturn 2003-02-05
Gregg Kleiner

Twenty-five years ago a handful of Oregon companies forged a unique alliance to bring the state’s brightest engineering students to their workplaces for extended hands-on experiences that would benefit the companies as well as the students - and in the process keep Oregon’s top new engineering talent from leaving the state for employment elsewhere.

Program promotes hands-on Industry experience 2002-03-15
Erik Sorensen

Engineering students have an opportunity to gain valuable experience in industry and take part in paid internships. The Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program is a five-year undergraduate program financed by industry. The program is training and development experience featuring internships with two different companies.

"Real world" Program may be Future of Higher Ed 1998-06-05
David Stauth

An Oregon State University internship program that has Pacific Northwest businesses chomping at the bit for its graduates is continuing to expand, and the concept holds potential to be applied at many other institutions and fields of study, officials say.

Students gain prestigious internships 1997-07-24
David Stauth, Oregon State University

One hundred Oregon State University students are among the latest to be accepted into the Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program, or MECOP—one of the most innovative and successful internship programs ever developed between a university and private industry.

Cooperation draws attention 1997-01-01
David Stauth, OSU News & Views

A sophisticated internship program for engineering students at Oregon State University is so successful it could become a model that changes the face of higher education, university officials say.