Molly Duddlesten - Communications Coordinator, MECOP Inc. May 31st, 2022

MECOP Inc. is out there and volunteering. MECOP attended Oregon MESA’s recent event, MESA Day, at the Portland State University campus on Friday, May 20th.

Founded in 1985, Oregon MESA works to increase the number of underrepresented high school students pursuing STEM. MECOP is eager to support and encourage underrepresented students to consider STEM fields.

Yuliya Dennis, MECOP's Executive Director, represented MECOP and got the chance to meet with future students and connect with MECOP companies who were also in attendance.

“MECOP is prioritizing the recruitment of underrepresented students into STEM and higher education,” Dennis stated.

“Diversity and inclusion are of high value to us. It was great to connect with future students and companies about MECOP at an in-person event. We love talking with high school and middle school students about future internships and joining the engineering/business professions."

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