Oregon Tech

The Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) is an institution founded on the principles of excellence through hands-on knowledge. We believe in giving students a rigorous, practical education while applying cutting-edge concepts for real-world solutions. As the Pacific Northwest’s only public institute of technology, we take pride in our mission to deliver technology education. We continually partner with industry leaders to ensure that our programs and classes are at the top of the board with adapting to new technology and preparing students for workforce demands.

The Vision of the College of Engineering, Technology, and Management is to be a nationally recognized leader in professional engineering, technology, and management education.

Our Mission is to educate students to be leaders in the fields of engineering, technology, and management in a highly supportive and challenging environment.

Our Graduates are:

  • Unsurpassed in readiness for professional practice.
  • Effective collaborators and communicators.
  • Committed to professional development and lifelong learning.
  • Effective problem solvers, independent thinkers, and innovators.
  • Committed to sustainability, ethics, and civic responsibility.

Disciplines Participating in MECOP/CECOP: