Mechanical Engineering (ME)

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Mechanical Engineering is a very diverse field. Mechanical Engineers are vital in many settings because of the breadth of knowledge that they bring to the job. In addition, this breadth widens the range of potential job opportunities at many different types of companies. MECOP students who choose to pursue Mechanical Engineering might focus on any of a number of disciplines, including Machine Design, Product Testing, Research and Development, Thermal Fluids Analysis, and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

MECOP currently accepts Mechanical Engineering students from the following universities:

Skills & Disciplines

Skills that MECOP Mechanical Engineering interns develop include a solid understanding of design, testing, analysis, and implementation of products, processes, and systems. Beyond building mechanical aptitude, interns learn to extend knowledge that applies to new technologies and processes. In addition, interns focusing on Mechanical Engineering often learn about project management, enhance technical creativity, and gain valuable experience in intern-company and vendor relations.

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