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About Air-Weigh

Almost everything that is manufactured and consumed is hauled by a truck, often multiple times: from raw material; to finished goods; to retail distribution; and then, to point of sale. But there is often an unknown quantity throughout this massive network of transportation: Weight. We pay for shipping by weight. Trucks are loaded by weight. Governments enforce by weight. Trucks buy permits and pay fines by weight. Roads and bridges are destroyed by weight. And yet, most truck drivers don’t have an accurate, reliable or easy way of knowing how much their vehicle or their load weighs. An Air-Weigh on-board scale could have them on the road loaded properly, safely, legally.

At Air-Weigh we see unlimited opportunity in this huge inefficiency in goods transport. We’re working hard to develop technologies that eliminate this problem. It’s a great challenge, and we need great people. Air-Weigh is more than a growing technology company; we’re developing a new market and we have a shot at becoming the global powerhouse. What’s more we’re doing it right here in the beautiful Willamette Valley with technology and products we can proudly label “Made in America”.

What it’s like to work at Air-Weigh

Air-Weigh’s corporate headquarters is located in Eugene Oregon. Set in one of the nicest areas in the country, we offer a professional workplace designing, developing, manufacturing and selling products that ship all over the world. We have built a solid infrastructure and we’re growing fast. We’re looking for motivated, energetic leaders to help us accelerate. Air-Weigh offers rewarding careers in a high-tech environment, with many growth opportunities for those who are dedicated and driven to perform.

Our engineers develop the software and hardware that make our on-board scales a recognized industry leader. Our operations group is where all of our Made in America products are assembled, tested and shipped. OEM and aftermarket buyers of Air-Weigh scales are supported by a technologically skilled, committed, customer support team. Customers can call from their office or even while on the road and get the answers they need to keep moving efficiently. As for our sales force – well let’s just say that this year is again on track to be a revenue generating record.

The work at Air-Weigh is challenging, rewarding, and sometimes intense. Our employees enjoy a great professional work environment, and we are excited about being a part of something that is making a difference - the global improvement of goods transport.


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