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Samtec, Inc.

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Samtec, Inc.

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Samtec Company Overview
Founded in 1976, Samtec is a privately held global manufacturer of a broad line of electronic interconnect solutions, including IC-to-Board and IC Packaging, High Speed Board-to-Board, High Speed Cables, Optics, Micro/Rugged and Flexible Stacking. We couple our wide range of advanced product solutions with our service distinction of cutting-edge tools, complete engineering support, free samples and 3D model downloads, extremely flexible product designs, and 3 day lead times. This enables our customers to get to the right solution, faster. Samtec High Speed Cable, is located in Wilsonville, OR.

Samtec High Speed Cable – Wilsonville, Oregon
Cable is an intregral part of many of the solutions that Samtec is providing to customers. The design, development and most of the production of cable is executed in Wilsonville,OR.

Our Culture
Speed, Flexibility, Win/Win and Innovation.

Self-Development of Career Path
This happens at the intersection of focusing on an individual’s strengths and interests, how those align with business needs (which we call putting “round pegs in round holes”), and providing ongoing challenges to accelerate the process. Continuous learning is enhanced by the job itself, coupled with formal and informal mentoring and training. Roles are often created for people, as opposed to putting people in pre-defined boxes on an org chart.

Profit Sharing
Unlike companies with pre-determined salaries based on seniority and title, our variable pay-for-performance compensation makes us all stakeholders when it comes to needs of the customer, and the growth and success of the company. The compensation model blends individual and company performance.

Work/Life Balance
In today’s 24/7 connected world, the line between work and home can get blurred. While we do have pre-defined work hours, there is plenty of flexibility. The work environment is friendly, family-oriented, and fun. Our benefits reflect this as well, offering employees a wealth of options and versatility to tailor what is most suitable for them.

Business Model/Financial Position
We have a unique business model that emphasizes differentiation and leadership of both Technology and Service. Being privately held and debt free enables us to move faster, take risks on new innovations, and stay flexible while maintaining a long-term time horizon.

Sudden Service
We’re known for service leadership, but it’s also a way of life. The customer-centric, fast-paced mantra ensures we stay focused, minimize bureaucracy, and align priorities and decision-making. It’s the over-arching compass that guides us to provide differentiated value to the customer experience, and creates a win-win career and work environment for our employees. A long history of ranking #1 in Customer Service in the annual Bishop Awards, which is an honor bestowed by the global connector industry’s leading market research firm, reflects our commitment to service.

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