Website: http://us.a-dec.com/en/

Located in Newberg, A-dec is one of the largest dental equipment manufacturers in the world.  A-dec designs, builds, and markets much of what you see in the dental operatory, including chairs, stools, delivery systems, dental lights, cabinetry, handpieces, and a full line of accessories.  A-dec’s primary focus is to create equipment innovations that help doctors perform healthier, more efficient dentistry – a mission the company has adhered to since it began over 40 years ago.

At A?dec, we're more than a dental equipment manufacturer. We're a family of employees banded together with a common goal: create quality solutions that simplify the lives of dentists worldwide. The goal began four decades ago in Ken and Joan Austin's garage and, today, extends through a network of authorized dealers in 100 countries. It's an effort that has altered the course of dentistry. The original A?dec dental cart, developed in the mid-1960s, allowed doctors to perform sit-down dentistry for the first time. Our patient chairs and delivery systems have redefined quality, reliability, and ergonomics for the last three decades.