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KPFF is committed to engineering opportunities that deliver excellence, empower creativity, support relationships and nurture growth. We provide more than just engineering -- continually building upon our expertise and services allows us to act as trusted advisors. We are more than consultants -- we are partners with our clients. We collaboratively push the boundaries and elevate the work we do in a constant pursuit of excellence. We thrive on designing innovative solutions for projects of all scales.

Established in 1960, our 1000+ structural and civil engineers are licensed in all 50 states. We offer a broad range of civil and structural engineering and surveying services and we have the experience to successfully deliver a wide range of project scopes.

We believe in encouraging personal and professional growth, and we work hard at providing a solid support structure with minimal organizational restrictions. As an employee, you will be challenged to stretch outside your comfort zone and given opportunities for growth and increased responsibility. You will experience growth based on your own competency, attitude and commitment and will be encouraged to work on what inspires you. We'll provide a supportive and positive environment to make it happen.

KPFF is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to diversity in the work place.

KPFF Consulting Engineers

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