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Darigold is known for delivering fresh, high quality, value-added dairy products to people, & customer-driven solutions to organizations, all around the globe. We are the 5th largest dairy Co-Op in the US & one of the largest privately held organizations headquartered in Seattle, Washington. We produce over 10 billion pounds of milk every year! Since 1918, our Farmer-owners have taken great pride in producing nutritious dairy products with unsurpassed quality. Our work environment provides a results driven, collaborative space, with open & transparent communication, & a culture of celebrating everyone’s wins. Our mid-size private business model provides the ability to have dynamic involvement at all levels of our organization.

MECOP interns will gain exposure to many different facets of the production process. A sample of projects may include process improvements, production optimization, time studies, reducing equipment downtime, etc. all while will working closely under the mentorship of local site leaders.

An important focus of this position will be in the area of controls and automation. The selected students will work closely with Operations and Maintenance teams at the plant, along with Corporate Engineering Controls group to identify areas where improvements can be implemented in the staff’s understanding of the control architecture, improvements to ability to monitor performance and provide troubleshooting guidance (this may be accomplished by adding additional sensors or controls separate from machine system). The students will identify areas that are causing inefficiency, develop potential solutions to review with plant staff, implement solutions and develop SOP and training materials as needed to enhance understanding of the systems.

Our goal is to provide interns with a realistic preview of what working at Darigold looks like. Students will gain the skills and knowledge to allow for upward progression in their career at Darigold. Our hope is to have graduating students return and provide them with the foundation necessary to become part of Darigold’s management team.

We look forward to you joining our team!


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