What Industry is Saying About MECOP

John Vandecoevering

We all have different needs, and the students have different talents. In the placement process, we try to match these talents to fit the companies. And most companies get exactly what they are looking for, because MECOP has the diversity to meet the needs of all the companies.

John Vandecoevering, Mounting System Leader, Warn Industries

Fred Vetter

A student can start focusing on the link between the classroom curriculum and the transition later on to a job.

Fred Vetter, Vice President of Manufacturing, Oregon Freeze Dry

Lori Koho

I am personally committed to this program because I have had the opportunity to work with MECOP interns, to hire graduates from the program, and see the difference they make. This is a powerful program.

Lori Koho, Hewlett-Packard Company, Past MECOP Chair