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City of Salem


The City of Salem hires interns in Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management, and has been a member of CECOP since 2000. CECOP interns are placed in the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department.

Salem’s Public Works Department plans, constructs, and maintains the City’s infrastructure including:

  • Our safe and reliable road system
  • Miles of bicycle and pedestrian lanes
  • A wide array of parks providing citywide recreation activities
  • The system that delivers our healthy and plentiful water supply
  • Stormwater drainage system
  • Wastewater treatment system

The Engineering Division strives to provide efficient and effective project management to support Capital Improvements, construction permits, plat requests, and records programs. Three project delivery teams perform full-service project management services through every phase of the project. Technical services manages records, land surveys, and construction inspection. This division also provides technical documentation for engineers, architects, and developers such as standard plans, construction specifications, and design standards.

City of Salem

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  • Member since 2000
  • Hosted 52 Internships

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