Student Participation in MECOP

The following schedule outlines the major activities for a MECOP student:

  • First year: Begin lower division course work.
  • Second year: While completing lower division coursework, apply for MECOP.
  • Third year: Attend MECOP seminar. Begin upper division course work. Interview for first internship. Work for one of the MECOP companies spring and summer.
  • Fourth year: Continue upper division course work. Interview for second internship. Work for a second MECOP company summer and fall.
  • Fifth year: Complete upper division course work and graduate.
Note: Students accepted into MECOP are expected to complete the entire program. Failure to do so will forefit the student from being considered a program alumni as well as any benefits and job opportunities afforded to graduates of the program.

Five-Year Degree / Two Six-Month Internships

Most universities recognize the value to the student of real world work experience in a chosen field prior to graduating. MECOP’s aim is to bring industry leaders in engineering and business together with students, by providing high quality, mentored and paid internships with member companies. This provides students with real-world experience to supplement the technical / theoretical concepts presented through university coursework. Our goal is to supply the Northwest with high quality engineers and business professionals that are ready to work on day one and be true contributors in their fields. Over the past 40 years, approximately 70% of MECOP graduates have been hired by one of our member companies after completing their final internship.

Student Selection

Student applicants are selected into the program through two screening processes. First, an academic review is performed by a university advisor to ensure the applicant is qualified to take upper-division courses by Fall Term of the next school year. Applicants that pass their academic screening will go through an interview consisting of a panel of representatives of member companies participating in the program. Students are ranked based on interview scores from the interview panel and accepted based on MECOP's projected pool of internships in each discipline for the next internship year. The goal of this screening is to make every effort to ensure selected students are committed, qualified and ready for future placement with a member company.

The Internships

MECOP's objective is to enhance the education of students through internships at a variety of high-quality companies, each of which is screened for acceptance into MECOP with the same level of scrutiny that MECOP places on selecting students. To ensure a diverse experience, participating students are required to intern at two different companies in an effort to give the students as much real-world experience as possible and to expose students to differing work cultures and industries. Students are paid by the member company at approximately 70% of a similar entry level position.

Internship Placement

Each year, prior to internship placement, all member companies and students are required to participate in a series of events with the aim of matching interns with employers. This process consists of a social gathering / job fair to introduce students and member organizations, followed by interviews for internship placement. Each student is interviewed by a panel consisting of industry representatives looking for a student in their discipline. This process is used to gauge student interest and skills against the projects and other related needs of each member company represented. Following interviews, industry reps select their students through a lottery process, followed by placement announcements sent to students after the event.