Student Participation in MECOP

The following schedule outlines the major activities for a MECOP student:

  • First year: Begin lower division course work.
  • Second year: While completing lower division coursework, apply for MECOP.
  • Third year: Attend MECOP seminar. Begin upper division course work. Interview for first internship. Work for one of the MECOP companies spring and summer.
  • Fourth year: Continue upper division course work. Interview for second internship. Work for a second MECOP company summer and fall.
  • Fifth year:Complete upper division course work and receive Bachelor of Science degree.

Note: Students accepted into MECOP are expected to complete the entire program.

Student Selection

Students are selected into the program through two screening processes. First, they are screened academically during their sophomore year, typically during the spring application window in February / March. This is primarily an effort to insure that students are academically qualified to take upper-division courses. A second screening takes place through an interview process during which MECOP company representatives interview the students applying for the program. The goal of this screening is to make every effort to insure that the students are qualified and ready for future internship placement.

Internship Sites

The program's objective is to develop students through a variety of high quality companies and firms that employ a wide range of engineering disciplines. To insure this, the students are required to intern at two different companies. This allows both the University and the students a more representative view of today's diverse engineering opportunities.

Intern Placement

Two representatives from each company offering internships for students in the program are invited to participate in the placement of the students into internship positions. The process consists of an informal social gathering introducing students and company representatives, followed by an interview. Each student is interviewed by a group of company representatives to ask questions and clarify students' needs and expectations in an internship. The purpose is to match students and companies, achieving mutual benefit to all parties.