Project Management (PrMgt)

Today's project managers work in teams to create unique products, services, and results. They work on projects that tend to have an established objective with specific time, cost, and performance requirements. These projects can range from developing next generation smart phones to building new production facilities to improving and updating existing data management services.

MECOP interns develop skills in both the science and art of managing projects. They use proven methodologies to define, plan, schedule, and monitor project progress. At the same time, they use their interpersonal and leadership skills to resolve problems, manage expectations, and sustain commitment to the successful completion of the project.

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MECOP currently accepts Project Management students from the following universities:

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  • Developing project schedule templates using MS Project
  • Issue tracking during pre-production trials and product launch
  • Developing an overlay of resource needs for multiple projects, aiding in resource planning and project start timing

Information Technology

  • Analysis and report development of employee survey results
  • Developing SharePoint site and file structure for business units, based on user needs
  • Developing Team Board to display department metrics targets and track performance

Key Course Highlights

  • Scope Management
  • Scheduling and Monitoring Progress
  • Budgeting and Cost Management
  • Leadership and Team building
  • Negotiating and Problem Solving