Oregon Freeze Dry

Website: http://www.ofd.com

With 6 plants in 3 countries, Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc (http://www.ofd.com). and its affiliate, European Freeze Dry (http://www.europeanfreezedry.com) are leaders in both global reach and the variety of the uses to which we have successfully adapted freeze drying technology. From hundreds of individual ingredients to fully prepared entrees and with a full range of packaging options in both food and non-food categories, we can apply the most elegant preservation technology known to your company's needs. The Food Division of Oregon Freeze Dry is the largest diversified food freeze dryer in the world. We have the capability to run many food products simultaneously because of our batch systems and variety of wet processing and dry packaging rooms. Some of our strengths are having the ability to dry large amounts of food products and in our capability to run USDA-inspected meat and poultry products. We have over 32,000 sq. ft of freeze drying surface at our campus in Oregon, 11,000 sq. ft at our joint venture in Europe. Before the freeze drying process, we have a multitude of processing equipment to size reduce, cook or straight tray load food products. After the freeze drying process, we can package the dry product in pouches from 2" x 3" to large 16" x 18" x 22" bulk cases. Whatever your food packaging needs, we can meet it. The Advanced & Specialty Products (ASP) Division is a pioneer in the research and application of low temperature, low pressure preservation of materials. We offer innovative solutions through Contract Lyophilization Services that assist customers with rapid commercialization. We provide our customers with solutions that preserve the form and functionality of heat-, shear-, or oxygen-sensitive materials in a variety of delivery systems and packaging structures. Our Albany, Oregon site includes facilities for Contract Research & Development (http://www.ofd.com/asp/research/research.html) and Contract Manufacturing (http://www.ofd.com/asp/mfg/mfg.html). We have Research & Development capacities to test and scale-up from grams to kilogram quantities. Our FDA-registered manufacturing site has two 1000 sq.ft. lyophilizers available for non-sterile processing. In addition, we have twelve 1000 sq.ft dryers in our bulk ingredients plant. Depending on market requirements, we can confidentially act as a toll processor, ingredient supplier, or developer-manufacturer of finished products. We also facilitate technology transfer to customers who may wish to take over manufacturing of newly developed products. We are committed to strict quality control. Utilizing cGMP procedures, our highly trained staff have experience processing under a variety of regulatory requirements, ranging from DEA, FDA, to EPA.